"Lizzy" is for sale - Very Original 1954 Twin carb 4AD...

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"Lizzy" is for sale - Very Original 1954 Twin carb 4AD...

Postby Phillip » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:11 pm

Folks...I'm posting this for John Lewis. Sadly, he is selling his 4AD and this is a very nice one! As John mentions, we found this car in Hamilton, Ontario, along with a couple of other Roadsters. This one had been in dry storage since 1964 and was extremely original. We rebuilt the chassis, front suspension, drivetrain and made a new wiring harness, as well as replaced any broken or missing parts from our stock. John did a really nice job on the rest and the colour combo is original and very striking.

John says:

"Lizzy", is our 1954 Singer SM 1500 4AD-T Roadster in Coronation Blue with Grey upholstery. The vehicle is complete right down to the tools with the original Jack, crank, air-pump etc. Originally rescued in Canada by Phillip Avis and Paul Bouchard, well-known Singer enthusiasts, who replaced all the missing parts and partially restored the car, then sold it to me. I finished the restoration a few years back and the car has appeared at Stowe a few times and won awards. Paint and chrome are all new. It has a new tonneau cover and a newly fabricated top. I have the original side curtains, but they were not yet re-canvassed.

I also have a 1952 4AD spare parts car. The parts car still has all the major mechanicals, including engine, transmission, etc and I would sell both together. I also still have the two-wheeled custom open trailer that was designed for the Singer.

For the last few years have just been too busy to enjoy the Singer and remains a shame to just let poor Lizzy sit.

Contact John Lewis at lewisj(at)acmh.org

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