SOC UK 60th Anniversary National Weekend...

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SOC UK 60th Anniversary National Weekend...

Postby Phillip » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:54 am

Well, the Singer Owners Club 2011 National Weekend, held as part of the year-long 60th Anniversary Celebrations, has come and gone already.

By all accounts it was a great success with over 200 people attending the dinner at Sedgebrook Hall and over 130 cars on display at Broughton House. Even the Weather Gods changed their tune and what had been a somewhat wet forecast turned out in everyone’s favour after all.

Our friends have already begun reporting in and here is a first photo from Colin Borley, SOC Vintage Registrar, of the pre-1930 contingent assembling:


L/R John Dowding, Joan (Mrs Borley) with the Borley Senior Saloon, Victoria Dowding, Simon Bishop with his Senior As-U-Dryv, plus Mike and Jill Cullen with their 10/26. John Taylor arrived minutes after the photo was taken.

Coin actually took both his Senior Saloon and his 10hp 2 seater, while Simon drove his Senior a total of 450 miles round trip. My Autovac enjoyed the ride both ways in the back and, sadly, therein lies a tale!

We’d planned to attend the SOC 60th late last summer and booked early for the dinner and hotel, so everything was arranged. As 2011 progressed, it became obvious the fates had other ideas in store: First down was our NASOC President, Paul Bouchard, who was elected as President of his local CUPE union representing the Air Canada Flight Attendant group. He was then sent to Toronto to start negotiating a new collective agreement with the company, so all vacations were off the table.

A week prior to the SOC event, the CAW, which represents our airport and call center employees, went on strike and, as Management, I was sent to Ottawa airport to fill in. The strike lasted just long enough for me to have to cancel my reservations for the 60th. Bitter?? NAH!!!

Well, that said, I have been fortunate enough to have attended many SOC weekends in the past, such as the 40th National Day, ‘100 Years of the Singer Car’ as well as the 50th Anniversary event, so I shouldn’t complain.

Not to worry! We knew that NASOC’s own Gerry Singer was planning to attend, and, surprisingly, Peter McKercher was spotted on the field, so it is nice that, after so many years, he has at last been able to attend an SOC National Weekend. It must have been great to be able to put faces to all the names mentioned in the Singer Owner.

So, congratulations to all our old friends in the SOC. We missed you this time, but we’ll be back! May the SOC motor on through another 60 years as well as it has the first!
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Re: SOC UK 60th Anniversary National Weekend...

Postby Peter McKercher » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:23 am

Yes indeed I was there and then took a tour of Scotland just to cap off the trip, arriving home late last evening.

The 60th anniversary was everything I expected in terms of the unique array of Singers and warm welcome from every member of the Singer Owners Club present.

I took many pictures - far too many to post, but here is a smattering.
Home base for the event

The ribbon winners

A lovely colour combination

A great looking Bantam Van

A garage I would like to have in my neighborhood
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