Beaulieu 2010

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Beaulieu 2010

Postby Paul Bouchard » Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:35 am

Greetings fellow bitzers and bunters! Just finished a weekend of parts overload from the Beaulieu Autojumble near Southampton in the UK.

Weather, as has been the custom the last few times, was very cooperative and today was full of sunshine and warm breezes. Good thing too since there is a lot of ground to cover and so much to see and check out.

I lucked out finding a couple of inner door handles for my Super Ten. This poor little car does not have the numbers to get re-pro stuff made for it so it is all new-old-stock or parts from salvaged cars. Luckilly Singer did use some common parts, but there are some elusive bits here and there that require hunnting and it is satisfying to find one or two.

While luck was running high, NASOC Librarian and good friend Gene Abbondelo appeared on the scene. Well not so much luck as Gene did let me know that he was intending on being there, but it was good to see him. Gene will also be attending another widely known British car and sporting event - Goodwood. Now that is nice. I will have to get myself to that one at one time or another. Sadly this year's event cooincides with Stowe.

With most of my cars complete I spent more time with people, who we know are one of my favorite parts of this hobby. Meeting up with so many like minded enthusiasts is a real treat. Nothing like being able to share a tale, tip or laugh with the folks that you have cooresponded with. The written word is nice and easily crafted but can never be a substitute for looking someone in the eye and seeing that glint or spark when they speak, the feeling of warmth and friendship you get in their company or the sincere wishes given with a handshake.

I am looking forward to meeting NASOC members and friends in Stowe next weekend (is it realy that close?). As is now the custom, the NASOC crew will be front and center with another display. I do not know how we do it but we do appreciate the ideas, help and support from members. Keep it up!

Gene Abbondelo, Colin Borley and Phillip Avis discussing things pre-war.
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