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Singer Sensation at Stowe 2016 a Great Success!

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:25 am
by Phillip
Well, the Singer Sensation at Stowe 2016 has come and gone, but it was a great way to end the season. Our display theme this year was “The Cars That Win The Awards”, leveraging a slogan used in the mid-30’s by Singer in their advertising. We celebrated Singer competition successes down through the years with a variation on our Brooklands pits display – revised and with racing audio this year – along with a feature by Rick & Judy Singer on the 1936 Gold Medal win by Betty Haig. Post-war racing was captured in great style by the attendance of John Slusar with his track-ready “Slusar Samurai” racing 4AD Roadster. Rounding out the fun was a photo op created out of the “The Cars That Win The Awards” factory brochure where visitors could have their picture taken at the wheel of a Singer Le Mans!

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Six cars and 30 NASOC members and friends attended this year, and it would have been seven cars had our President, Paul Bouchard, not had some issues that prevented him from bringing his Roadster.

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We were honoured to meet up with NASOC founder Larry Springer, who had a booth at the event...

Earl & Kathy.jpg
Earl & Kathy.jpg (172.96 KiB) Viewed 415 times well as a surprise visit by Earl Gandel and his wife Cathie. Earl was in the center of post-war Singer activities in So-Cal during the 50’s and has some great stories about Singer racing back in the day.

Post-war line-up.jpg
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There was one dramatic moment, though, when word spread across the field that ‘one of the Singer gang’ had been involved in a serious accident. It turned out that Barry and Marcia Phillips had been side-swiped by a lady in a Jeep who fell asleep at the wheel. The truck and trailer were a write-off, but, thankfully, Barry and Marcia were fine and the Singer escaped with only minor damage!

Barry & Marcia_Accident.jpg
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The weather was predicted to be mixed for the show, but turned out to be nice on the day. Our display was busy, as always, and we were located in a prime spot near the main entrance. The Invasion organizers are very good to us and included a write-up in the Invasion brochure this year about how the ‘Singer gang’ has become a key component of the show. New this year was the attendance of Michael Carnell of “Just British”, an on-line magazine. He toured the field handing out ‘Just British’ awards in various categories and tagged Phillip Avis in his Singer Racing ensemble for the ‘British Attire” competition as “Best Costume with a Motoring Theme”. Phillip asked the organizers for it to include all “Men in White’ and we were duly honoured together at the prize-giving. We were also very proud to win yet another Club Participation Award with Mike Gaetano commenting, “Nobody wants to take these guys on anymore!” Well, we hope they do in the spirit of good fun!

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The Cars That Win The Awards did indeed win the awards:

CLASS #58 SINGER (Pre-War)

First Place Barry & Marcia Phillips, Merrickville, Ontario – CANADA
1935 Singer Le Mans 9 HP (Reg. #91)

CLASS #59 SINGER (Post War)

First Place : Patrick & Dee Desmond, Malta, NY - USA
1952 Singer 4AD Roadster (Reg. #170)

Second Place : Joe & Paula Tarta, Rye, NH - USA
1952 Singer Roadster (Reg. #374)

Third Place: Judy & Rick Singer, Fort Ann, NY - USA
1953 Singer Roadster (Reg. #196)

A number of Singers were seen parked up on Main Street for the British Invasion Street Party and our Singer Sensation at Stowe gala took place at The Golden Eagle Colonial Cafe, where we enjoyed cocktails on the terrace and a great meal in the restaurant while watching a photo slideshow of the day.

Sunday came too soon and many of us said our goodbyes to make the trip home with some great memories. Plans are already in the works for 2017 which may see the MG club joining us for dinner and perhaps…perhaps…a joint display!!!

Re: Singer Sensation at Stowe 2016 a Great Success!

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:32 am
by Phillip
A few more photos from the event...

Photo Op.jpg
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The "Cars That Win The Awards" photo op. Everyone got to enjoy a Singer Le Mans!

Rick_Olympic tribute.jpg
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Rick & Judy Singer's tribute to the 1936 Olympic Gold Medal win.

Slusar Samurai Special.jpg
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John Slusar's 'Samurai Singer' racing 4AD

Dinner at the Colonial Cafe.jpg
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Dinner at the Colonial Cafe