Spring has sprung... gotta get stuff done!

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Spring has sprung... gotta get stuff done!

Postby Paul Bouchard » Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:28 am


Mother Nature has seen fit to allow for some mild weather and no better time to get dirty! Well greasy. My Super Ten has languished for the last little while as other activities have pushed it into the shadows, so to speak. NO MORE! Since the car arrived from the UK I have actually done a fair bit of work on the car, although to look at it you would not know. All the brakes were redone, an engine (although temporary) was found and rebuilt, wiring redone (although temporary). Just a couple of outstanding issues to deal with and I should be able to get the Ten on the road... legally.

To do:

Repair/replace radiator. The lower water outlet had rusted through. The car actually sat for quite a while until the cleaning happened. I was cleaning out the rad when it sprung a leak.. ok Niagara Falls! Funny how leaving things alone sometimes seems right? Well not in this case. The rust plug in the pipe would have probably gone at the worst time so it is just as well. No replacement parts for the Ten over here (surprise) so Jim Kenniston (friend of Singers) helped out by scoping a Bantam radiator. Fits the part, however the filler is on the opposite side. Well beggars can't be choosers and it fits so away we go.
10 vs 9 rad.JPG
Check the height difference in the 10 vs the 9 radiator.

The other To do is the steering. There is a LOT of slack in the steering, too much to try and get the car safetied. What to do... what to do. The steering box is very similar to the 9 Roadsters but the bronze nuts are just nut the same (get it? nut the same... anyhow). Lucky for me one popped up on eBay and I now have one, if I can find it in my mess of parts. Well the work has started so I will have to find it!
rad and steering_resize.jpg
The front end off to give some working space.

The "moving" parts.

The housing, alloy! cool. Should use liquid grease...

Now, all this Singer stuff aside, you can now say that you know someone who is famous! Star quality famous!! I am talking picture in Time Square famous!!! Well friends, I will continue to speak to all of you, and sign autographs for loved ones and friends. I am now that famous. Well, for 15 seconds or so, but all the same I was quite impressed!! Thanks to the guys at the American Eagle store in Time Square for making me famous.
ny times square.JPG
Wow, me in Time Square... I am finally famous!
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