Number of known cars in NA

The 4A, 4AB, 4AC, 4AD cars, including the SM 1500 Roadster and SMX
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Number of known cars in NA

Postby 2001f4s » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:53 pm

Does anyone have an idea of how many Singers currently exist in North America. My PO mentioned a number of 41 4A's to be known to exist in NA.
Does that sound correct?


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Re: Number of known cars in NA

Postby Peter McKercher » Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:04 am

Pretty hard to say Scott.. Dave Green could probably go through the club records and tell you how many of each car there is on file, but the number of cars affiliated with the club is not representative of how many exist. For example, I ran a database of Canadian Singer Owners and there were about twenty that were not registered with NASOC. That’s quite a few when you consider that NASOC only has about 60 members with cars. However, I can tell you approximately how many we started out with.

The 1954 Atlas Manual publication entitled All the World's Cars stated that "over 1,400 Singers have found U.S. customers”. We know for certain that Vaughan imported 981 4 AD roadsters and prior to that he could have brought in approximately 300 4A roadsters. It’s also reasonable to assume that Fergus Motors brought in as many as 100 4A cars before Vaughan signed on as the exclusive North American distributor.

If these numbers are close, then we have to assume a survival rate, which is pretty hard to approximate because there are so many factors to consider, especially with antique cars. If I were to hazard a guess, based on known singers in North America, I would say the rate might be in the neighborhood of 7-8%, which takes us up to around 110 cars. That means there are still a handful out there that have not yet been discovered/restored.
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