Milne Brothers

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Milne Brothers

Postby Peter McKercher » Tue Oct 25, 2016 1:16 am

Not sure what I can say about this, except the young lady is seriously under dressed for the era.

The Milne brothers (Jack and Cordy) were contemporaries of Lammy Lamoreaux who met at Western Union where they all worked as motorcycle messengers in 1923. They all went on to become world class Speedway Cyclists. Lammy, of course opened up a Motorcycle shop and Singer dealership in Pasadena and of course raced Singers quite successfully. The Milne Brothers similarily opened a Singer dealership and sponsored the odd Singer in SoCal races. And of course Jack Milne himself was no slouch behind the wheel of a Singer.

Presumably this young Miss is representing the Milne Brothers dealership in some sort of awards ceremony. Jack McAfee seems to be one of the happy recipients.

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