Spin On Oil Filter Conversion

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Spin On Oil Filter Conversion

Postby bitsobrits » Sat Jun 07, 2014 6:29 pm

After some research, I found a company in the UK that offers a simple conversion to allow the use of a spin on oil filter.

Companys' web site is http://www.Flexolite.co.uk and you can search by make and model. The part number they sent me was the FA060.

I removed the filter mounting head from the block for cleaning and a test fit prior to installing the conversion and am glad I did. The rather lumpy casting of the Singer mounting head did not allow the body of the adaptor to fully seat in the mounting head, which likely would have resulted in an oil leak. Some work with a small file on the supporting "webs" around the center boss made everything right. You can see the shiny areas caused by filing in the first photo.

Fitting has to be done on the car, as you can't install the Singer mounting head after the adaptor is installed. No room to insert the bolts. The only tricky part was getting the new O ring to stay in place while holding the adaptor and starting the top bolt. In the end, I used a bit of grease on the O ring to hold it.

Takes filters with a 3/4"-16 thread, btw. I used a Fram PH2870a as I had one as a spare for my Lotus Elan.

Overall it's a very nice piece of kit.

Singer Oil Filter Conv 1.jpg
underside of filter mount

Singer Oil Filter Conv 2.jpg
exploded components view

Singer Oil Filter Conv 3.jpg
test fitted on filter mount
Steve W
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