4ad stering

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4ad stering

Postby klaus » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:31 pm

hi guys,
my first question in this forum.

i am just now working on a 4ad from 52.
the issue i have is the steeringbox. it is "knocking" when i turn the steerig wheel claerly felt it in my hands.
i adjusted the adjusting screw, both hard and soft.
finally i found the "sweet spot" and lock the nut.
nex day the steering is VERY hard.
gradually taking the tension off the adjuster nut, found the "sweet spot" again and locks down.

BUT after turning the steering wheel to the extreeme left or right, the knocking starts again OR the steering gets very hard.

hate that !!

the steering is still in the car, (import from US to Denmark, only 25000 miles)
i have had the bottom ballbearing on the steering column taken of. it is fine.
after removing the topcover of the steering house i can see the sector drive with the peg (on ballbearing) that follow the wormdrive.
seen from above it is turning freely when someone turn the steering wheel.
no visible damage to the wormdrive inspected with a small dentist mirror.

any ideas from someone?
please HELP

klaus lundsgaard

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Re: 4ad stering

Postby klaus » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:09 am

Hallo !!
no ideas at all ??
i am still struggling with no result.

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Re: 4ad stering

Postby kabu » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:42 pm

Hi Klaus,

Unfortunately I am not able to give you any clear reason why you might be experiencing this kind of a problem. Couple of ideas that you should maybe check. Have you checked the condition and sufficient play of the steering box screw end bearings (part 33 in this exploded view http://singercars.com/4ax/pten.html )?

Also this article may be helpful on checking the condition of the steering box, I think it requires removing the box from the car though.

Best Regards,
Helsinki, Finland
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