Jaeger Speedo and Tach Bezels...and more!

For now, I lumped all the pre-war cars together, I would LOVE for there to be enough demand to split it into groups (hint...hint, post here about your pre-war Singer)
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Jaeger Speedo and Tach Bezels...and more!

Postby Phillip » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:03 am

Hi Pre-Warriors...

Just FYI, for those interested, I recently asked MJC Products in the UK to produce a batch of their superb 5" Jaeger speedo and tach bezels with single lighting slots to suit the Singer Nine sports car applications. These will suit original units used on the Sports four seater and Coupes, but can also be used on the Le Mans. Single slot bezels were designed to be used with back-lit applications where steel dash centers were fitted. A unit with no slots ( as also used on MG T series up to early TD's would have been used originally on LM's with a wooden dash and diver's helmet dash lamps.

Pre-War Jaeger Gauge Bezels.jpg
Pre-War Jaeger Gauge Bezels.jpg (122.26 KiB) Viewed 275 times

As a side note, if you are restoring a Sports or Le Mans, there are two types of K3 tachometers. One for the steel dash centers and one for the wooden dashboards. The difference being the chassis of the chrono unit and the position of the winding stem for the clock. If you have a slot cut in the back of your wooden dash to accomodate the winding stem, you have the wrong tach!

John at MJC makes some very nice quality stuff and can also supply chrome bezels for all the 2" gauges, as well as winding stems, glasses and rubber sealing rings. He has also made speedo and tach needles for me so can supply those too.

The single slot 5" bezels are a limited run, so if you need them, please contact John and mention my name. His products are excellent and he is a pleasure to deal with. The bezels are made on new tooling and fit very well, costing less than getting old, cracked ones with broken tabs repaired and rechromed!

MJC can be found on eBay, as well as via http://www.classicbezels.com
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