Drawing for longtail panels with louvres

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Drawing for longtail panels with louvres

Postby mfairbairn » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:22 pm

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Hello Everyone,

I'm now looking after my late father's Singer 9 Le Mans and am having to learn fast, not having the benefit of my Dad's extensive engineering knowledge.

My Dad's Singer 9 Le Mans is a bit of a mongrel. One thing he never got around to (for over 25 years!) was getting louvres punched in the side panels (as you can see from the attached picture). The body is the longtail style and therefore I think I'm better going with the longtail-type louvres. I’ve found a company in Warwick (England) who can do this work (Radford Panel Company Limited). However, what I don’t have are the measurements. I’ve got a rough idea from looking at a picture, but it’s obviously not exact. Can anyone help me out? I guess I’m particularly looking for the following (my current estimates are in square brackets):

(1) Total horizontal span of the louvres [My estimate = 79.6cm]

(2) Vertical length of the louvres [My estimate = 12.4cm].

(3) Distance from middle of one louvre to the middle of the next louvre [My estimate = 2.2cm].

(4) Depth of each louvre [My estimate = don’t know].

(5) Width of the three gaps between each of the four sets of louvres [My estimate = 7.2cm].

(7) Horizontal distance between driver-end of the panel and the top of the louvre nearest the driver [My estimate = 9.9cm].

(8) Horizontal distance between the driver-end of the panel and the top of louvre nearest the radiator [My estimate = 89.5cm].

(9) For reference, total horizontal length of the side panel measured along the top (i.e. along the hinge) [My car = 108.0cm]

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