Sing 10 Starter Motor

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Sing 10 Starter Motor

Postby Stephen » Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:25 am

Hi Everyone .. I have assembled a 10 hp Singer motor, only to find the starter motor will not mesh when activated.
When I say it does not mesh, it actually does for a second or two and then just grinds away on the side of the ring gear ..
I have had to reconstruct this motor from several Singer 9 and 10 parts, so things may have gotten a little mixed up ..
The flywheel ring gear that is on the 10 motor has 89 teeth, the starter has 9 teeth on the pinion?.
This does not seem to work, do I need a different starter with more or less teeth on the pinion?
I have another starter, from another engine, not even sure it's Singer with 11 teeth on the pinion, but before I connect it up, can someone advise me if it will work ..
Any help would be appreciated..

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Re: Sing 10 Starter Motor

Postby davida » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:30 pm


There is a later flywheel ring gear with 112 teeth. The starter motor for that has two mount holes vs three of earlier one.
The pinion set up on this starter is a different style to the earlier one. The starter's two holes will match with two of the three on the engine.
You will need to get the correct matching units.

David A

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