Ian Blackburn rides again: WANT A MANUAL?

For now, I lumped all the pre-war cars together, I would LOVE for there to be enough demand to split it into groups (hint...hint, post here about your pre-war Singer)
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Ian Blackburn rides again: WANT A MANUAL?

Postby cdk84 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:14 pm

The Singer Owners Club UK has released an updated version of Ian Blackurn's classic, entitled The Nine Workshop Revisited.

Price is 10 Pounds Sterling, plus postage.

I will order a copy soon and if anyone else wants to join in, we may save on postage across The Puddle.

My car needs work so the time has come, now that the manual is available again.

Kudos to SOC! If you're interested, the contact person is David Norfolk, at david@davidnorfolk.wanadoo.co.uk or you can contact me here.

Very Best Wishes,

David Kellogg, keeper

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