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Bytes & Pieces September 2010

Postby Phillip » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:47 am

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Without a doubt our NASOC East Coast National as part of the British Invasion, Stowe, Vermont, was a great success. Take a look at some of the photos posted on the NASOC Bulletin board and you will see what I mean.

Although our Marque did very well in the awards and our club gained a lot of recognition, the most satisfying part of the show for me was the response to the ‘Blitz Night’ display.

When Paul Bouchard and I started to think about creating some theme displays to compliment our cars, our rationale was that it would be a great way to engage younger people and create an interest in maintaining our industrial heritage. In the case of the Blitz display, the response was amazing. We had a lot of young people asking questions and having their photos taken with Paul dressed as an Air Raid Warden. I also noticed quite a few people taking the time to read the history board that explained the story behind the Coventry Blitz along with the roll that the Singer Company played in the war effort. Most rewarding of all, though, were the comments from parents who told us their kids had really enjoyed the display and had learnt a little bit of history too. It was a great way to observe this 70th Anniversary of the Blitz and remind us all of the sacrifices that were made all those years ago so that we can enjoy the freedom today to meet and share our pleasure in vintage cars.

I have no children myself and so no next generation to pass my passion onto, but it is critical that we do so or our hobby is doomed to wither and our cars will be condemned to museums. It was particularly encouraging, then, to be shown a drawing done by Michael, the son of member Patrick Desmond, depicting ‘his Singer’ on the back of a trailer. Patrick has already sown the seeds for our future and, in fact, three generations of Desmonds worked on the restoration of his Roadster.

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